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About Susan

Susan Folwell is widely known and respected in Metro Washington DC and Northern Virginia for her work in trauma, complex trauma, domestic violence and abuse (physical and non-physical), stalking, sexual abuse and assault, post-trauma, complex separation, divorce and custody issues, vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue, depression and anxiety.  In addition to her therapy practice, Susan provides professional consultation, and

clinical supervision for Master's level students, pre-licensed and licensed clinicians.  She also provides training throughout the United States

and internationally.

 For clients who are facing a time of spiritual disconnection and loss of purpose, Susan offers a safe space that welcomes curiosity and listening with the heart. With a holistic approach, she is dedicated to helping clients in their exploration of life's meaning, sense of purpose, and spiritual connection, regardless of religious orientation.      


As a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer, she offers a unique blend of compassion, humor, expertise and keen insight based upon over 30 years of combined

experience and research. 

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