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Clinical Services

Group and Individual Therapy

Susan offers a wide range of services for groups and individuals.

 In a confidential and relaxed setting, Susan employs a variety of therapeutic modalities including:

  • Psychodynamic, insight-oriented psychotherapy;

  • Internal Family Systems;

  • "Parts Work";

  • Cognitive Behavioral techniques;

  • Dialectical Behavioral techniques;

  • Mindfulness;

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Creative Visualization and Guided Imagery, among others.  


Susan also practices intuitive psychotherapy - listening deeply and interactively to content, and sensing what may be beneath the content, hidden in the unconscious.  

When appropriate, Susan also offers "Walk and Talks" during which she and clients may experience the healing properties of nature and the outdoors during sessions. 

These modalities, and Susan's interactive, inviting style help clients make life changes,

heal from trauma,

and shift relational patterns that may be blocking them from achieving new levels

of personal growth and joy.

Customized Safety Planning

Susan uses her expertise in risk and danger assessment to help clients

develop customized safety plans.  

She guides clients through carefully interactive questions that are designed to

increase awareness of safety issues within specific situations

in the home and outside of the home.  

A safety plan is developed based upon this interactive discussion.  

These important tools help to prepare clients and their children or family members in advance

for the possibility of future violence or abuse.  

Consultation Services
Clinical Supervision

Clinical or peer supervision and consultation are available for Master's level students, pre-licensed therapists, and seasoned therapists.  

Susan specializes in working with clinicians who serve in a mental health capacity

with victims of trauma, complex trauma, abuse, and interpersonal violence.  

The unique dynamics and process of healing involved with abuse (physical and non-physical)

are often subtle and difficult to understand or navigate.  

Susan's expertise assists psychotherapists, students and other counselors

through phases of treatment with victim/survivors,

keeping in mind crisis intervention, safety issues, trauma and complex (relational) trauma,

and the unique path of healing specific to

expressions of power imbalances within relationships.

Professional Consultation

With a special emphasis on consulting with attorneys, medical, social services,

and faith-based professionals who work with victims or survivors of family abuse,

domestic and sexual violence, or related trauma.  Common treatment and representation issues

are discussed with the goal of unlocking complex key areas that may have become

barriers for forward movement with clients. 

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and workshops are available for organizations, groups, professionals, and community members.  Training is interactive and is offered in hourly, half-day, or full-day workshop format.  Audio-visual materials and group discussion are utilized in training sessions.  

Trainings and workshops are available on-site or at a mutually agreed upon location.  Fees, travel, and expense arrangements are agreed upon in advance.  


  • Dynamics of Power and Control

  • Manifestations of Abuse

  • What is Upscale Abuse

  • Post-Abuse Parenting and Complex Divorce

  • Effects of Domestic Violence and Abuse on Children

  • Trauma, Neurobiology, Clinical Interventions

  • Complex Trauma

  • Vicarious Trauma

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Mental Health and Clinical Issues

Other trainings may be developed and customized per request.


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